About the Foundation

NEW 200 stands for Network for Educational Excellence in Wheaton-Warrenville for District 200, which serves more than 13,400 students (grades K-12) in and around Wheaton-Warrenville area. Created in 1992, NEW 200  is a 501 (c)-3 non-profit corporation operated by volunteer parents and community members. The Foundation works in collaboration with District 200 to award grants directly to teachers for innovative classroom projects that would not otherwise have a funding source.

Why are tax dollars not enough? Illinois ranks 50th in the nation for state educational funding. Adding to the challenge, the district’s annual revenue increase is limited by the Consumer Price Index. NEW 200 can bridge the gap between District 200 revenue limitations and the desire to expand educational opportunities for all 13,400 students.

We need your help. NEW 200 is a volunteer-driven organization, and there are a number of opportunities to get involved – from clerical tasks such as sending out thank-you letters, to leading major initiatives, such as building fundraising partnerships with businesses, alumni, corporations, and other organizations. Each one of us can influence the learning that goes on in District 200 by joining the community-school partnership.

Your support is essential in keeping the Foundation a viable resource for District 200. Please look at our Support page to see how you can help and consider making a tax- deductible contribution today!

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2014-15 Funding Priorities

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